Frank’s Matchup of the Week: Week 4


Donald is 2-1, Zeglen is 3-0 and I for one, am shocked.  Ignore the fact that Don has the 2nd least points for in the league to date, that’s totally irrelevant.  This unexpected Matchup of the Week should be an absolute doozy.  Conventional wisdom would suggest that Zeglen, who sits at 3 in this weeks Power Rankings would wipe the floor with the Step Brother beaters, but I am going to dive deeper with this weeks expert pickers.





Projected Line by ESPN Fantasy: Don +0.5


Pat Mahomes vs. Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson leads the 0-3 Texans into Indianapolis to try to right the season before it is too late.  Because of this desperation combined with Indianapolis’ average to below-average pass defense I do think the Deshaun everyone (besides me) expected going into to this season will finally emerge.  Even though I do think Watson has a chance to shine on Sunday night make no mistakes, Patrick Mahomes is the real deal.  I just can’t bet against him against any other quarterback until he proves otherwise.  Mahomes FTW.

GT: This is a hot take by me here, but Watson wins this. Mahomes is due for a bad game at some point. Why not this week? Watson

Ryan: Picks Mahomes

Running Backs

Matt Breida and Saquon Barkley v. Tevin Cole and Aaron Jones 

Saquon Fucking Barkley man.  With the Giant’s garbage ass line and a passing game that can’t seem to get on track I see Saquon continuing to be an absolute animal in both volume and efficiency against a porous Saints defense.  Breida, while also performing well, scares me a bit this week. I see the Chargers stacking the box and and daring Beathard to beat them over the top.  As for Coleman and Aaron Jones…..


Zeglen takes this one easy with Barkley and Breida.  

GT: Easy. The first defender hasn’t been able to take down Barkley all year and Breida has been surprisingly good so far. Barkley and Breida

Ryan: Picks Barkley and Breida

Wide Receivers

Emmanuel Sanders and Kenny Stills v. Julio Jones and Randall Cobb

Julio has been seemingly held in check at least for Julio Jones standards Week 2 and 3 since exploding week 1.  Will Calvin Ridley cut into his production for a 3rd straight week? I don’t think so. The Bengals are an aggressive and physical defense that will try to muscle around the young wide out but if you think you are pushing Julio around you are dead wrong brother.  I have come to know that Randall Cobb is a wild card every week and if he doesn’t get catches early he will be a non-factor.  Even with Cobb being iffy he will still hold his own enough to fend off Stills and Sanders with help from Julio.  Gotta go with Julio and Cobb here. 

GT: This was definitely the hardest decision for me. Zeglen’s recievers have performed better this year but Don’s are historically better. Call me old fashioned but I am trusting history.  Julio and Cobb.

Ryan: Picks Julio and Cobb

Tight End

Jared Cook v. George Kittle 

With Jimmy G out for the season what does this mean for Kittle under Beathard’s regime? It could mean a bunch of check downs.  It could mean Beathard wants to prove his worth and take shots down the field, we just can’t know for sure.  For that reason I am going with Jared Cook here.  Guy is consistent and could also go off any week.  If you look up match up problem in a dictionary you will see Cook’s gigantic head gracing the pages.  Cook all the way.

GT: Has been a beast this year and has all the physical tools. Kittle is playing without Jimmy G which could hurt him.  Cook.

Ryan: Picks Cook


Phillip Lindsay v. Michael Crabtree

Crabtree has been using his hands more and more every week, and so has Lindsay.  The undrafted rookie got ejected from the game last week and that doesn’t bode well for his fantasy value.  If you think a Head Coach in the National Football League won’t make an example out of a young guy you’re dead wrong. Expect Lindsay to be relegated to 3rd down work this week while Crabtree continues to develop chemistry with Joe Flacco.  If you ask me that will be an elite hook up this week.  Crabtree snatches Lindsay’s chain this week.

GT: I am starting Lindsay in my other league so this is based on hope. My coaching has been poor this year though….. Lindsay. 

Ryan: Picks Crabtree


Zeglen takes this one at 9-6.  I don’t think it will even be that close but crazier things have happened. That means Zeglen has earned the almighty STAMP OF APPROVAL.


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